Storage Tips

Packing, Moving and Storage Tips

  • Place pallets, tarps or plastic sheets on the floor of your unit before storing any items. Allow for proper ventilation by not packing items right up against the walls.
  • Leave access space at the front of your unit, and keep your frequently used items where you can easily reach them.
  • Stacking uniform sized boxes helps maximize your available space. Don't stack higher than you can comfortably reach.
  • Store high value items toward the back of your storage unit in unmarked boxes.
  • Protect furniture, including mattresses and box springs, with plastic covers and stand on end.
  • Wipe metal items such as bicycles or tools with a slightly oily rag to protect against rusting.
  • Never use your storage unit for items such as live animals, perishables, explosives or flammable liquid and fuels.
  • Don't store food items that are not sealed in glass or metal containers.
  • Take precautions against theft and damage by using a quality lock on your storage unit.
  • Don't store paint or oil rags.
  • Use large boxes for light items and smaller boxes for heavier ones
  • Small boxes are suggested for books, which should be packed flat to protect their spines
  • Utilize large items for extra storage space. Refrigerators, freezers, washers and dryers are great for storing sift items such as linens, towels and clothing.