Storage Units Jarrell Texas 76537
Storage Units Jarrell Texas 76537

Part-Time Landscaper And Maintenance Team Member
(approximately 5 hours per week)

We are looking for a contractor who wants to make our property shine. This includes mowing and weed-eating a couple of times per month, killing weeds, occasionally trimming our bushes, sweeping our driveways, buildings and units clean and other maintenance tasks.

This position has lots of flexibility, so you can choose which days and hours you work each week. 

Position Compensation:

This position starts on a 30 day trial basis and pays $350 per month. Pay period is monthly and runs the 16th through 15th.

Work Tasks:

  • Keeping property grounds, storage units, buildings, and driveways very clean

    - sweeping and picking up trash, bugs, misc.
    - picking up metal, screws, nails, etc.

  • Emptying and cleaning units to make ready for the next tenant

  • Completing monthly maintenance task lists

  • Maintaining gates, doors, A/C, etc.

  • Cutting Locks - for customers and seizures

  • Removing weeds, branches, and wasp nests

  • Maintaining rodent bait stations

  • Special projects

To Apply:

* Please call us at 512-746-2560 to schedule a time to discuss the position and expectations. Thank you.