Part-Time Customer Service Leasing Manager

This position is NOT full-time. This position does NOT provide benefits.

Office Hours:

Monday – Saturday 10 am to 2 pm.
Managers are expected to be on site during office hours.
Weekday Manager works Monday – Friday.
Weekend Manager works Saturday.
Managers must be able to work all days to cover for each other.

Business Hours:

Monday – Saturday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.,
Managers are on call during their work day and expected to answer phone calls during business hours.

Occasionally as needed to accommodate customers, managers will meet prospects / customers at the property outside regular office hours. All time spent on property, answering phones, running errands, or with customers or prospects is paid time.

Position Compensation:

This position is on a 30 day trial basis.
Trial pay is $9 per hour and then $10 per hour after that.
Pay period is monthly and runs 16th through 15th.
Dress is business casual.

This is a one-person per shift job, which means there is no one else to cover the shift. Just you. We do not open late. We do not close for lunch. We do not close early. Managers are expected to be here to open for business on time and to work the full 10 – 2 shift. If you get sick often or have things that just “come up” often, this position is not a good fit for you.

Work Tasks (not comprehensive):

  • Helping people solve a problem

  • Answering phone calls and emails - communicating with customers

  • Leasing storage units and parking spaces to customers - paper leases, laptop software

  • Collecting past due amounts from customers by phone, email, letters

  • Getting mail

  • Keeping property grounds, storage units, and office very clean

    - sweeping and picking up trash daily
    - killing weeds
    - killing wasp nests
    - cleaning office and bathroom weekly

  • Driving errands - post office, bank, supplies

  • Special projects

Applicant Characteristics / Skills:

  • Happy and smiling, honest and caring

  • People skills - in person, on phone, by email

  • Live in Jarrell close to property

  • Quick learner, able to figure things out on own

  • Attention to detail with good organizational skills

  • Good grammar and spelling in correspondence

  • Willing to take ownership of tasks

  • Computer at home that can be used for work

  • Cell phone that can be used for work

  • Valid driver's license and reliable vehicle

  • Decent typing skills and familiarity with computers

  • Must consent to background check and drug testing

To Apply:

* Print and complete the job application.

* Please take the short version of the online DISC personality test and share your results by email.

* Scan and email completed application to [sonterraselfstorage (at) gmail (dot) com], or stop by office to drop application off (mail slot in door if not during office hours).

After we receive your completed application, you will be contacted for an interview. Thank you.